Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sydney Turns 4 October 11, 2008

She blows out her candles so all her wishes will come true. Sydney spent teh night at her aunt Biz house. Shewas treated like a princess. they went shopping and bought new PJs and ice cream and cake that they ate for breakfast I think. Sydney woke up early in the morning sing Happy birthday to herself. This made Aunt Biz laugh. She then came home and celebrated with her family. For dinner she wanted bacon, hashbrowns, and strawberry waffles with cream. She also asked for a chocolate cake with mint icecream.

Presents she got
Mom and Dad: Roller coaster for back yard
Brother and sisters : clothes
Aunt Biz: Hannah Montana PJs, Fancy Nancy books
Grandma Linda & Papa Alger: a dress for church and out fit I picked out at Costco
Uncle Stuart and Aunt Amy: Fany Nancy sticker book and strawberry shortcake sticker book
Uncle Rex and Aunt Carla : Play dough
Grandma and pa Rosengren: 25 dollars

Grandma Rosengren calling me to wish me a happy birthday!!

We had a day off from school, so we went to the science Center and watched fly me to the moon in 3-D on the Imax. Some teacher was coming out of the movie as we were going to get in to line. He had bought way too much popcorn for his class and wanted to know if we would like some. What a fun treat! Saidee loved the glasses and watched most of the movie until she fell asleep. It was fun to hear the children laugh and have a good time!

2008-2009 school year
This is Sara's first violin concert this year at Curtis Jr. high. Orchestra is big here in university place. Sara can't wait until high school when they go to Disney land to play. She is way in the back because she started school late here. Can you see her? She plays with her friends Maddy and Sara.

Sara has been working on her goals for Young Women. One of her projects was to learn a marketable skill. She helped a Lady (Juile Pond) arrange flowers for 2 weddings. She took what she learned and made this flowers arrangement for young women and excelant night.

Saturday, September 6, 2008